DJ Willett is proud to offer expert and high quality tree, shrub and garden services, including:

For the best gardening services at very competitive prices, DJ Willett will handle all trees, shrubs, lawm care and garden clearance.

Conifers, Lleylandii, Oak, Ash, Birch, Eml, shrubs, fencing and lawns with best prices quoted for:

  1. Fencing
  2. tree surgeon
  3. gardening
  4. grass
  5. conifers
  6. trees
Quality horticultural services at very competitive prices in Wiltshire and Hampshire from DJ Willett. Trees, hedges, fencing, roots and other gardening jobs a speciality. Contact Dave Willett today on 01722 412017.
"I have a simple policy when it comes to providing
customers with top quality greencare.

A good job at a fair price!"

Dave Willett
Brushwood Removal and Disposal